August Update

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It seems Heidi can’t have too many un-eventful months in a row. We discovered a lump on her back on evening. We know that her lungs will most likely be where the cancer shows up next, but this is Heidi & she doesn’t ever stick with the norm. 🙂

We had our vet appointment today to get the lump looked at. They are not sure exactly what it is. They use a needle to get a sample and saw no cancer cells at the moment. Due to her history of Osteo., they are sending the sample off to a pathologist. We should hear back from them in a few weeks. We will definately keep you updated.

Other than the lump (which doesn’t seem to bother her), Heidi is doing great. She has had a lot of energy lately and has been very playful! I think she is enjoying the mild summer we are having here.

We will be keeping good thoughts and prayers going for her test results. We will post an update as soon as we hear something!
<3 <3

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Author: Shanna

Heidi :) Born: 1 Jan 2009 Cancer Diagnosis: July 2010 Ampuversary: 14 March 2011

2 thoughts on “August Update”

  1. A few weeks? That would make me NUTS! OMG. OK, please tell us as soon as you know.

    Meanwhile…yeah, follow Heidi’s lead and just take things one day at a time. Dogs know how to deal with uncertainty, for sure.

    Paws crossed it’s nothin’ but a zit or somethin!

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